His Approach

Dr. Pirozzolo welcomes you to a Free Regenerative Medical Consultation where you will discuss your concerns and health-related problems, medical history, and potential treatment options. He will conduct a physical examination and will carefully evaluate your specific condition, an X-ray may be taken for further evaluation.

Depending on which recovery option is right for you, Dr. Pirozzolo will treat you with either Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, Autologous or Amniofix Stem Cell Injections, or other Ultrasound Guided Injections available.

Following your procedure, Dr. Pirozzolo will create an individualized Home Based Physical Therapy routine. These exercises will be unique to you and to your condition treated.

Nutrition matters in all stages of life and especially in bone and muscle health. Dr. Pirozzolo will provide you with Orthopedic Regenerative Nutrition recommendations to improve your deficiencies and improve your overall orthopedic health.