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by Frankie H. on ThePRPDoctor.com

Dr. Pirozzolo is a true professional! I went to see him for pains I was experiencing in my hand. He was able to give me an injection to fix the problem. Dr. Pirozzolo even sent me a hand written card in the mail to check on me after the initial visit! His staff are also very sweet and their clinic is clean and classy!

by Ethel C. on ThePRPDoctor.com

Dr. Pirozzolo is a knowledgeable and kind doctor. I brought my grandson in when he hurt his arm on the playground. Dr. Pirozzolo knew he had a forearm fracture, and prepped him for a cast. They even had green which is his favorite color, so that made him very happy! I would recommend Dr. Pirozzolo to anyone, he shows patience with children and truly takes the time and care needed with patients. The office is clean and the staff are always friendly too!

by Roger B. on ThePRPDoctor.com

Dr. Pirozzolo was fantastic! I have severe shoulder arthritis and wasn't ready for a surgical shoulder replacement and steroid injections were no longer working well. Dr. Pirozzolo recommended a new type of injection called platelet rich plasma or PRP. The downside, it isn't covered by insurance but it's been 3 months now and well worth it because my shoulder feels GREAT. I recommend Dr. Pirozzolo to all my friends and family. He and his staff are awesome!

by Elcy H. on ThePRPDoctor.com

Visited Orland Hand Surgery and was lucky to be placed in the care of Dr. Pirozzolo. My wrist and forearm had been bothering me lately and he found out that I actually was dealing with a sprain! Luckily, it was something that a simple wrist splint could heal, but since I had gone so long without getting my wrist looked at, he also told me about different exercises to regain strength and to keep my wrist flexible. Dr. Pirozzolo is very kind and thorough with his evaluation. He even called me a couple days later to make sure I was keeping up with my exercise routines.

by Julianne R. on ThePRPDoctor.com

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Jason Pirozzolo at Orlando Hand Surgery Associates for PRP injections, and boy was I happy when I could see him shortly after for my own PRP injections! I wasn't too keen on committing to surgery to fix my shoulder, I've been having pain and was fearful that cartilage was wearing away slowly. I love going to the gym and lifting weights and I knew surgery would keep me out of the gym for too long. Non-surgical treatments sounded like a much better fit for what I was looking for and Dr. Pirozzolo could do just that for me. It's been a couple weeks now, and I'm back in the gym and haven't felt any tinges of pain yet - I highly recommend Dr. Pirozzolo and OHSA. Both he and the staff there are awesome!

by Margaret M. on ThePRPDoctor.com

Dr. Jason Pirozzolo and his staff at Orlando Hand Surgery Associates are always so warm and friendly. I told Dr. Pirozzolo that I was scared to have surgery on my elbow and was praying he had another solution. It started to feel tinges of pain and very stiff while playing tennis. Dr. Pirozzolo told me to look up Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy, to think about it, and get back to him if it sounded like something I wanted to try. I called him the same afternoon to set up a procedure. Removing the blood was painless, and when he re-injected the PRP it felt like any other injection - such an easy experience! Now I have no pain and my elbow doesn't feel stiff anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Jason Pirozzolo and OHSA for anything joint related!

by Lucy H. on ThePRPDoctor.com

This is my first time leaving a review on yelp, in fact most of the time I make a point to leave reviews anywhere, is because for whatever reason I was frustrated with the service. SO this is actually my first positive review, ever! I needed help with a really painful wrist. I completed my paperwork ahead of time so I was brought back to see Dr. Patel before my scheduled appointment time! Long story short, he told me I had arthritis in my thumb/wrist. He advised against surgery for now and injected me. I feel great now! I didn't know this at the time because he was so humble, but he is like a celebrity doctor! If you see him, ask him about the Tonight Show. Highly recommend him, and the staff at OHSA are amazing!

by Blanca R. on ThePRPDoctor.com

Dr.Jason Pirozzolo is so caring and attentive. Listens to your concerns and before you know it your feeling 100% again.

by L C. on ThePRPDoctor.com

My husband and I have been having problems  with our hands. I was pregnant so got swollen and needed help as couldn't feel my hands. Dr. Jason Pirozzolo fixed them perfectly and I feel so much better. My husband does fitness classes so injured his fingers. The steroid injection fixed it. Dr Pirozzolo takes time to explain things and takes his time with each of us. We enjoy going there and are grateful to have such a specialized doctor in the Orlando area !

by Barbara G. on ThePRPDoctor.com

My recent visit to Dr. Jason Pirozzolo went very well and I was really pleased. He is an amazing doctor and treated my arthritic thumbs with injections after xrays and explaining all my options. He has the most reassuring manner and was very gentle and skilled with the injections.  The staff was very nice despite some computer down time.  They still got me in quickly.

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